Innovative design, manufacture and distribution of sanitary equipment

Siamp Hidden Systems

Out of sight, out of mind…

Once a place of function and practicality, the humble bathroom has evolved to become the sleek and stylish designer heart of the modern home.
Never before has glamour been such a must-have, but achieving that all-important ‘wow factor’ usually means hiding away the essential workings that lie beneath the luxurious surface gloss.
Enter global flushing specialists Siamp, experts in the art of keeping a bathroom’s none-too-glamorous essentials out of sight and out of mind.
A leading name in sanitaryware, Siamp has been designing, manufacturing and distributing the world’s most practical and efficient bathroom products since 1947, but in recent years much of its focus has been on ‘hiding’ its finest work.
Siamp is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing high quality but unseen products which give a designer toilet pan the appearance of ‘floating’ part way up a stylishly tiled wall, with no visible means of support. Above it sits a sleek flush plate – the gentlest touch and the system is flushed, with no evidence of pull chains and pipework.
Under the surface lies the serious engineering which makes this sanitary sleight of hand possible. Siamp’s range of Wall Frames have the hidden strength to support that elegantly protruding pan plus, of course, the person using it.
Paired to the Wall Frames is Siamp’s specially developed range of Concealed Cisterns, either pneumatic or cable operated. And in those cisterns, Siamp’s renowned siphons, inlet valves and other components, designed, tested and manufactured to exacting WRAS standards. For extra peace of mind, Siamp’s products are covered by an industry leading 10-year-guarantee.
Since its founding almost 70 years ago, Siamp has been committed to responsible management of water – the earth’s most valuable resource. Sustainability remains its byword, so by fitting Siamp you are assured of a bathroom with leading eco credentials.
So when planning your dream bathroom, remember… it’s what you can’t see that makes the magic happen.
For the full range of Siamp products, plus stockists, downloadable catalogues and technical help, visit www.siamp.co.uk